The Best Two Years

Monday, March 8, 2010

Details of Skyler's return home and his report

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's been a long two years (Bob says it's been five), but our missionary is finally coming home. Skyler has served well, has touched many lives, and, just like our other sons, is coming home with honor. We are proud of Skyler and a little sad to see this wonderful phase in his life come to an end. We hope you will join us for his report on Sunday, March 14, 2010, @ the Unity 2nd Ward building, @ 9:00 a.m. We will have a dinner following his report for all who came to hear Skyler speak in Sacrament Meeting. The dinner will be held at Morey's Event Center here in Burley. If you need directions to any of these places give us a call or leave a message on Skyler's blog. We also invite all who would like to join us at the airport when he arrives on Friday. He will be flying into the Pocatello airport at 6:00 p.m. and then we will be going into Pocatello to eat at Winger's and invite all to join us. I am including Skyler's last and final email (although it is really short and not much to say). We thank you for checking in on how Skyler has been doing while on his mission and for your comments. I will do one final entry (hopefully next week) that will contain any pictures Skyler would like to share with you. We hope to see you this weekend!

March 8, 2010

Hey, so I still haven't gotten my plans for flyin home yet. You know more than I do. So great, I have along layover in Salt Lake, oh well!! Anywase, I don't have too much to say. But it might help to put some more money on my card because I want to send some packages home instead of going through the hastle of taking them on the plane you know!! Anywase, I will see you Friday!!

Loves, Elder Silcock, over and out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 23 & March 1 Letters - Touching lives!

March 1, 2010

Hey how's it goin! And ya, I got your package and stuff and loved it!! It was nice to see pics of Trevor and Shilo! Anywase, I don't have a whole lot to say either because it was just a normal week nothing too crazy happened to us, just the usual gettin guns pulled on us and gettin shot at and you know nothing too crazy and anywase I hope you get this email! Anywase I will let you go. So talk to ya later!!

Elder Silcock

February 23, 2010

Hey, how's it goin! Sorry this is a day late! Yesterday while emailing our computers at the library just shut off and we had to wait till today to email again. The worst part was that I had just finished up a nice long email to ya when it shut off so it was kinda frustrating! Anywase I got your package yesterday and it was awesome!!! I think those movies will be cool to watch with investigators. So ya about the investigator we found a couple weeks ago! His name is Jurrell and it was on a Saturday and it was kinda dark and usually we don't talk to people outside if it's dark because they might shoot us or something or get scared! But on this occasion we were going to see some Spanish ivestigators that lived in an apartment. Well while walking to the stairs a guy came out to smoke a cigarette. Elder Poulsen and I kinda kept walking to the stairs when Elder Poulsen and I got a strong prompting to go talk to him!! And it was cool cuz at the same time Elder Poulsen and I just started walking to him at the same time with out even saying anything to each other!! We found out that he had just gotten a phone call from his mom and she told him that is 3 year old son was diagnosed with a severe case of asthma and was in the hospital! Well his son is in Minnesota and Jurrell came here to find work and so things weren't working out like he thought they had!! Well, in the phone call his mom said you need to find you a church and get some beliefs! Well, being sad, he walked outside to smoke a cigarette to calm himself!! Then along came two missionarys!! It's awesome to tell someone they are a child of God and to see the light of Christ work in them! He asked that we say a prayer with him. So I offered the prayer. Then I asked him if he knew how to pray and he told me about his life and how he never really grew up in a church or going to church for that matter! He told us he didn't know what to believe, but thought it was crazy that as soon as he got off the phone with his mom telling him to find a church there we were! He told us that he had friends that followed the devil and that he had been shot twice and stabbed twice! And the whole time he is telling us this he is crying and so we teach him how to pray and then asked him if he would like to pray right there! He was scared, but we talked him into it! He gave the most sincere prayer I have ever heard! He truly plead with the Lord and at the end of the prayer all of us were crying! And the cool part was that he came to church the next day! Unfortionatly he had to go back to Minnesota to see his son, but promised us he would find the church and stuff!! And I think he will, but if not some point down the road missionarys or a member of the church will find him and he will remember how he felt the day we found him!! Anywase it's just cool to see how the Lord prepares people and then puts them in your path! Anywase, tonight we are going the the Steins house to celebrate my b day. They are an awesome family and do alot for us! Anywase I think thats about it and I will be looking for your letter in the mail. And oh, I did get my extension. (***his drivers license extension) they actually sent me 2 card extensions for some reason! Anywase, read some of the book "The Transfer"! It was cool to see Lindsy Spjute's story in there as well! (****This is the book that has Nick's story in it) Anywase, I will talk to ya later and tell everyone I said hi! And just so you know mom, I love you!

Elder Silcock

Monday, February 8, 2010

Skyler's Coming Home & his last few letters

January 25, 2010

Ya, I got the news that Chris was in Springdale and I talked to President Merkley about it and he says I can't go see him. Which is sad because he is only 30 minutes away!! But ya, I'm aware!! And I fly into Pocatello!! I told them Twin Falls, oh well, I guess it's alright as long as I get there, right!! I wonder when they will let me know all that stuff!! Anywase, I havent started the Isagenix yet, I'm waiting for the right time which might be this week!!! Anywase, I will let you go! Nothing too exciting to tell you other than I will be finishing up my mission here in Berryville with Elder Poulsen! But ya, if you want to call President Merkley, sweet talk him in to lettin' me see Chris, you can do it, you can probably do a better job at it than me, just don't tell him I told you so!!! Anywase, I will let you go. So talk to ya later.

Loves, Elder Silcock

February 1, 2010

Hey, what's up!! So I got your letter and you said I will be released Feb 10 and fly home Feb 12. Did you mean March 10 and 12? Hopefully you did, because you scared me, haha!! It better not be that soon. (* * * I did put the wrong month, just anxious I guess, but Skyler flys into Pocatello on March 12 @ 6:00, p.m. and we invite all, who would like to, to come join us at the airport that day!!!) Anywase, we had a crazy week. We had the ice storm and then it snowed like 6 inches. We didn't get it that bad we only had like 1/4 of and inch of ice but it shut the town down. We didn't loose power or anything, so it wasn't bad. Anywase, that's pretty much my week, not a whole lot to talk about either, so talk to ya later.

Loves, Elder Silcock

February 8, 2010

I don't want anything for my bday. I'm good! I just need to know when we plan on coming out here to see my people in the mission!! Anywase, not a whole lot happened this week basically the same ol, same ol!! And I'm thinking about going to Utah State. Trevor Searle wants me to go there and it feels right! I don't know when maybe next year because I really want to help Jay and Dayne on the farm and make a lot of money so I can affford college if I so choose to!! So I have definitly got a lot of options, that's for sure. But I will just have to take it to the temple when I get home!! But anywase, tell everyone I said hi and happy Valentines day!!!

Loves, Elder Silcock

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 11 & 18 Letters

January 11, 2010

Hey, how's it goin. Ya, I haven't gotten your package yet. But I talked to the dmv here and I also talked to our office missionary and I will need to get a new drivers license because I need to drive and also for the plane ride home, I need a renewed drivers licence, so either way I will need to get my drivers license renewed here and get an Arkansas one!! But ya, we had a good week and we had 2 investigators at Church! So that was good! But ya, I will need a birth certificate and our office missionary said I need to do it asap! But anywase, I can't think of what else to tell you! I guess you wanted to know what the country is like here! Well, it's rolling hills with alot of oak trees and cedar trees and a few maple trees! There are a couple other kinds but I don't know what their called! But ya, that's the country here and there are a lot of chicken farms and ranches and stuff so it makes me feel at home here! But ya, anywase what week do you plan to come back to the mission? I just want to know so I can tell the people here when I'm coming back you know! Anywase, I will let you go, nothing too exciting is happening other than Berryville was shut down for like a week with only 1 inch of snow!! They even cancled church because of it!! And school was out for a whole week over 1 inch of snow, is that dumb or what!! Anywase, I'll talk to ya later ok.

Loves, Elder Silcock

January 18, 2010

Hey how's it goin. So how was your week!! Mine was good and busy, but still not much to say! It's basically the same ol same ol! But I have been told that Elder Poulsen and I are in charge of the 5th Sunday this month and so we got to pull something together for that! So it should be fun! I got Dad's letter and I'm impressed because his hand writing is gettin' better!! And I also talked to Trevor Searle today on my email and he said he is gonna try to stop by sometime soon! So anywase, I'm sorry it's short, but there is really not much to talk about. But anywase, I will talk to ya later!!

Loves, Elder Silcock

Monday, January 4, 2010

December News

Hi Friends,

Sorry about the delay on updating you with news from Skyler. What can I say? It was December!!!!! Anyway, here is an update plus last weeks letter from Skyler.

Skyler was transferred just one week before Christmas, which was a sad thing since he would be in un-familiar territory with a lot of strangers for Christmas (I think we need to put pressure on the mission office in Salt Lake to make a rule that there can be no transfers right before Christmas! What do you think?) Anyway, you will see his new address in the left hand column. We didn't know what to send Skyler for Christmas since he will be coming home in a few months and he didn't really need anything, so we sent him a few personal items and then we also sent him a box of gifts to give to a family of his choice. So on Christmas I asked him what he did with the gifts, and he said that he and his companion knew a family that could use it and left it on their doorstep, rang the bell and ran. He said it was a lot of fun and knows that the family will really appreciate it. He did have a baptism a week before he left Mountain Home, which was a great experience. The man's name is Frank Pfeifer. His family has waited a long time for him to get baptized (like 17 years). You can find out more about this family by reading Skyler's December 7 letter. Anyway, this has been a cool experience, even for us because Brother Pfeifer's daughter, Tiana, has been sending me text messages and pix of the event and of Skyler, and as soon as I can get what I need to download the pix off of my cell phone, I will post them for you to see!!!! Here is one of the messages she sent to me:

"My family has waited 17 years for my Dad to join the Church. I think God has sent your son here to help my Dad, with as many things they have in common who could turn him a way? We thought to say thank you and gave him and his companion a gallon of egg nog. I don't think it lasted long."

Tiana Pfeifer

Thank you Tiana!!!!

We also got another letter on Christmas eve from the Brown family that Skyler got so close to while he was in Springfield, MO a year ago. It was a real nice letter and the following is part of what they said:

"Elder Silcock served in our Ward during Christmas time last year and we even had the missionaries over on Christmas Day. It was a fun time. The misisonaries have such a spirit about them that helps carry over in our home. One thing that Elder Silcock shared with us was how your family writes letters on Christmas to your son, Nick. I was very touched at the letter about your son's death. (Skyler had asked me to write a letter to them last year, telling about Nick). Elder Silcock, as you know, can be very silly, but it was touching to hear of your son, Nick, and also of Elder Silcock's desire to serve. ..... I just found your brief history of what happened to Nick. What STRONG people you are to let your next son serve a mission. I felt like I needed to let you know what an example you are to many people. What a touching story. I have 2 sons who will eventually be old enough to serve missions and knowing that they may never come home is a sad thought, but with the gospel it makes it worth it. Thank you for sending out such a great son & for letting him share your story with our family. I hope you have a wonderful, Merry Christmas & know that our thoughts are with you during this holiday season.

Love, Sis. Julie Brown"

We really appreciated Sis. Brown's letter, it came at a time when we were missing Skyler and Nick, and lifted us up. Thank you Sis. Brown!!!! I would also like to take the time to share something with each of you (and I don't mean to detract from Skyler, but this is something that means a lot to all of us). A new book titled "The Transfer: Stories of Missionaries Who Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion" is available on line at:

It contains the story about Nick and his mission. This is a project that was started about three years ago and we are honored to have Nick's story told. It also includes the story of one of Megan's friends, Lindsey Spjute, who died a year and a half ago while serving in England. This is a great tribute to all that serve missions. Anyway, back to Skyler:

Skyler had another baptism scheduled, but he wasn't going to be able to attend that one because it was scheduled for Christmas Eve. But he has been given a new challenge. He told us on Christmas that the town he is in is called Berryville and is small (he is still in Arkansas and only about 60 miles away from his previous area). They only have a Branch there and many of the members are Spanish speaking and even some of the meetings where said in Spanish. Fortunately, Skyler's new companion can speak Spanish and is teaching Skyler, which will be a big plus when he comes home. Below, is the letter we got from Skyler last week. Thanks for checking back with us.

December 28, 2009

Hey, how's it goin? So ya, for Christmas we went to the Jones family and we had some food and then we watched the Emma Smith movie that goes along with the new Joseph Smith movie!! It was pretty good, I liked it alot! But other than that we just relaxed and wrote letters and stuff so nothing too exciting. And it was kinda tough being in a new area because I was in Mt. Home for so long that it was hard not being able to be with some of those people, but it's alright, it was good for me to relaxe and take a load off, I needed it. But ya, I do pretty good on the excercise thing because we are supposed to exercise every morning for at least a half hour! So anywase, I will let you go, I can't really think of anything else except that on my address cr stands for Carrol County, so it's a common thing out here to have cr or some abbreviation on your address!! Anywase, talk to ya later and can't wait to get your letter and whatever else your were gonna send me!!

loves Elder Silcock

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7 Letter

Hey, how's it going! Ya, I'm pretty sure I'll be out of here on the 18th, but you never know, I could stay, but I've been here now for 6 months and that's usually the longest they will keep you in an area. If you send them (his Christmas presents) to me this week and I stay, I won't open them till Christmas unless I need to. Or even if I get transferred I can carry them with me on transfer loop! Just whenever you want to send them I'm not to pickey. So Boise State plays TCU huh, that's awesome!! That will be a good game, you should record it for me, I would love to watch it!! Anywase, we had a pretty good week and this Saturday, Frank Pfiefer is getting baptised, so pray that Satan won't stop it!! He finally decided this last Saturday and wants to do it before I leave Mt. Home! So it was awesome! The best part was Sister Pfiefer (his wife) told us that their daughter, in her patriarchal blessing, it says she would see her Dad get baptised and be a leader in the Church, how cool is that. So the most rewarding part for me was when he called his daughter and told her he was getting baptised!! Way awesome, huh!! Anywase, and we are still gonna have a baptism on the 24 too, so 2 baptisms in December, not bad, huh!! Anywase. Isagenix is going good. Couldn't tell you as of now how much weight I've lost, but I can tell in my waist!! So thanks a bunch for that. Anywase, for Thanksgiving we just went to some peoples houses and ate turkey and pie and then went to the apartment and cleaned up a bit and studyed the scriptures because nobody was home for us to see and it was kind of a day off for us!! Anywase, hopefully that answers your question and hopefullly I haven't forgotten anything else. And oh, I don't know for sure when or where I will be flying into, but they usually wait to send me that stuff. I'd imagine you'll probably know before I will! Anywase, talk to ya later, and how did the temple go!! I guess you'll let me know in your letter, I hope! Anywase, talk to ya later!

Loves, Elder Silcock

November 30 Letter

What's up!! So ya I will definitely pray for that!! Wish I could be there, that would be awesome! (Skyler is referring to our family trip this week to the temple in honor of Nick's birthday. Doing a sealing session was our gift to him and will be a family tradition from now on. We know that Nick is still very much a missionary and we never know when we do the ordinance work for someone at the temple that it may be someone Nick has taught! Cool, huh!)
I always write him (Nick) a letter or something and put it in my pocket for remembrance! Anywase, we set a baptismal date this week with the Spanish lady I was tellin' you about for Christmas eve so that should be way sweet, huh! And another cool story, we have an investigator, his name is Frank Pfiefer! His wife and kids are members, but he isn't, yet! Anywase, me and him are good buddys and according to his wife he thinks alot of me! But back to the cool part, we taught him on Saturday( he is a truck driver so that's the only day we can usually teach him) and I asked him how his praying was going and stuff and he said that the Book of Mormon is true, so I asked him when he wanted to get baptised( which he wanted to be baptised before I leave here which will probably be Dec. 18th) so ya, in a couple weeks we are going to have another baptism, sweet huh! And his wife came to me at church and said, "You don't realize how awesome it was to hear Frank say what he said about the Book of Mormon!" They have been working on him for a long time! They said I don't realize how cool it was to hear him say that!! sweet huh! But ya, this place, when I first got here, there was nothing going on and was kind of a dead area! That stuff Elder Oaks talked about with the member area book and stuff, well, I'm sure that's what he told ya about. (Elder Oaks came to our Stake Conference last month and told us that conversions here in the U.S. are up considerably) anywase, my companion and have worked hard to get it established and the Ward is doing so much better, it's not even funny! It's amazing, when I first got here I didn't like it, but it's amazing how much you come to love people while serving them. Even when the people do things to you that could make you mad you still love them! I'm pretty sure that's what charity is, huh! Anywase, that's my week! And I'm sure your gonna be asking me the question, what I want for Christmas, well, I really don't need anything and I'm sure there's people out there who could use it more than I do! I know Steph told me they are going to have another humble Christmas, so maybe get something for them. I don't need anything and I don't want anything! I got everything I will ever need, so I will be ok! Anywase, talk to ya later and hope to hear from you soon!

Loves, Elder Silcock

And by the way, I've lost like 7 pounds, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! (I sent Skyler some Isagenix as he had asked to help him lose some weight. Glad to hear it is working for him!)